The "Love of A Family" is a stage play that talks about the importance of loving your children. The play takes an in depth view concerning the tribulation of parents undergoing a divorce while trying to maintain a committed relationship with their children. The "Love of A Family" is a stage-play that consists of a family of four. A mother and father who have a set of twins; a daughter and son.

While the children think they have the perfect family and the most terrific parents in the world, they are totally naive of the turmoil taking place behind closed doors with mom and dad. After 25 years of marriage, mom and dad have decided  to divorce.  The play dialogues about the different affects a divorce can have on each child and how family issues can extend into a child's classroom, personal friendships and relationships outside of the home. Even if they are raised in the same household and by the same parents.

 How will the children react to their parents after finding out their parents are divorcing? Will the divorce affect the children’s daily, personal, school or religious life?

“If you are looking for great entertainment, inspiration, motivation, great gospel music and a strong message that pertains to issues families face, throughout America on a daily basis. A stage play that is for the entire family.  Then it’s a must that you see this stage play called, “The Love of a Family!” I simply say, "You have found the right stage play.” Look no further!  Remember, children are the extensions of our family. They keep the chains and links to our life experiences and memories!

          THE  LOVE  OF A  FAMILY                                 (Stage Play)

         (Written, Produced & Directed)
                       Ms. Shar Sams 

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