Lady SaJe'  A.K.A. Ms. Shar Sams  is a native of New Jersey and was also raised in the State of North Carolina.  She presently resides in Metro-Atlanta, Georgia.  She obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree in Education and  Psychology from Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana and a Master of  Arts Degree in Administration and Supervision with emphasis in Instructional Designing from Kean 
University in Union,New Jersey.  She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.  (Public Service Organization), Who’s Who  Among Professionals & Executives Award in 2011-12, National Association of Professional Women Award in 2012, Executive Board Member for the National Sons and Daughters Day and a Member of the National Educational Association.

     She has promoted and hosted a variety of  entertaining and educational events in  various regions of the United States.  In 1998,  she became a published poet in a book entitled, "A Blossom of   Dreams."  Lady SaJe' is in the process of self- publishing her own poetry collection book, children's  book series, two love  novels and several realistic fiction books. Lady SaJe' has performed on 
many stages nationwide for different venues.

      "Lady SaJe' " is her stage name, but she writes under the name of "The Quiet Storm."  Just to name a few, she has graced the floors of "Sleepy Hollow Cafe and Art Gallery" in Plainfield, NJ, performed at the 2005 Democratic Convention in Washington, DC for Milton Bowens an artist from Oakland, California. She has  performed at the Pearl of Africa' in Philadelphia, PA, Rutgers University in 
 New Brunswick, NJ, performed for many school settings and private professional organizations along the Northeast and Southeast Coast.

    Lady SaJe' enjoys writing stage plays.  She states "It allows me to reach people from all walks of life.  She feels stage plays allow her to freely communicate and reach others in various ways. According  to Lady SaJe',  stage plays allow the writer, director and producer to reach people mentally, physically, spiritually and  musically. Her latest pieces of work are three stage plays entitled “The Love of A    
 Family,” Just, Do the Right Thing!”and “You Didn't Know? Well, Let Me Tell You!” She also wrote a love novel entitled, "Rewind, Time Waits for No One!" 

    Reading books can enhance and expose oneself to adventures in life. However, she firmly believes that Learning is Experiencing! One can read about a particular topic or subject, but until they truly experience or witness it for themselves, it is still a mystery!  There are a lot of extraordinary things to  see and cultures to experience in life. Life has too much to offer  to just stay in your own comfort zone 
and culture.

    She feels that people should witness, expose and experience different cultures, ethnicities, regions and environments outside of their own. One might just discover that they have more things in common than  uncommon with others! Lady SaJe' simply says, “The lack of knowledge, experience and exposure will  keep an individual thinking in an antiquated way!”  Her motto is Never Give UpNever Give In!  Just  Keep It  Moving!

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                                  LADY SAJE'

                 Professional  Stage Play Writer


     Motivational Speaker
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                 Educational Leader
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